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What's Going On Inside My Head

I believe my thoughts manifest. Not every thought- like what if I got in a car accident. Then, Errrkkk! Not instantly- like I want to have a million dollars. Heyyy, cha-ching! But whatever I focus on seems to intensify and move me closer to those thoughts in my head. For instance, if I focus on a really amazing vacation, I'll just so happen to meet an incredible person that will take me sailing on their yacht. And conversely, if I focus on not overeating, every sweet treat seems to call my name. It works both ways! So essentially, I design my life. I believe whatever we think about most often, the Universe will begin to move us in that direction to make that thought manifest. Not necessarily exactly as we’ve envisioned it either. I've found the Universe will give me what I’ve asked for, but take me on a path I didn’t understand at first. Whatever I truly believe, will begin to take shape in my life. So I try to be mindful and not set limits for what I can accomplish. If I believe I can do it, and take action toward accomplishing it, the universe will help me out.


Who Is Ali Schaefer and What To Expect From My Blog

Hi my name is Ali Schaefer! Im 27 years old, born and raised in Las Vegas. Yes! People are actually from there! Ive been playing soccer all my life and am currently overseas playing professionally. I pride myself on keeping a POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE, though I am human and face struggles like the best of us. I believe our thoughts manifest, so I aim to see the good in every situation and every person I meet. There is so much to experience in this world and I try to be a YES woman all the time!