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What’s going on inside my head…,

I believe my thoughts manifest. Not every thought- like what if I got in a car accident. Then, Errrkkk! Not instantly- like I want to have a million dollars. Heyyy, cha-ching! But whatever I focus on seems to intensify and move me closer to those thoughts in my head. For instance, if I focus on a really amazing vacation, I'll just so happen to meet an incredible person that will take me sailing on their yacht. And conversely, if I focus on not overeating, every sweet treat seems to call my name. It works both ways! So essentially, I design my life. I believe whatever we think about most often, the Universe will begin to move us in that direction to make that thought manifest. Not necessarily exactly as we’ve envisioned it either. I've found the Universe will give me what I’ve asked for, but take me on a path I didn’t understand at first. Whatever I truly believe, will begin to take shape in my life. So I try to be mindful and not set limits for what I can accomplish. If I believe I can do it, and take action toward accomplishing it, the universe will help me out.

A huge part in that is staying positive and focusing my energy. In every situation, I get to choose what I’m looking at in my reality, by picking my thoughts. It’s all perspective. Is that glass half full or half empty? I make that decision and create that story. So I hold all the power. I don’t know if my philosophy is right, but by choosing to be grateful for the things I have, rather than complain, I feel happier. When I speak life over every situation, telling myself encouraging, positive things, then I feel happy. People (some would say haters, I say people who don’t quite understand my thinking) have told me I’m really good at lying to myself, or neglecting reality by overlooking negativity, but I don’t see it as such. I know there is “bad” out there, but I decide to devote my full attention to the “good” things. That is my aim anyway. We all fall off track every once in a while and feel like the world is crumbling down around us. But for me, I really try to stay as positive as I can about every situation, about every person I meet, about outcomes that didn’t go the way I planned. Why? Because it makes me feel happy. I am a very happy person and have been for the vast majority of my life. This isn’t a facade. Why? I think it’s because I tell myself I'm happy and find the good to focus on. Whether my philosophy is right or wrong, I would so much rather be in this boat smiling, then skeptical, scared, and angry.

I also believe that our energy attracts like energy to us. So we attract what we are. That’s why I always try to put out love, have compassion for people I disagree with, and exude vibes of happiness and gratefulness into the world. I am a very social person. On some of my traveling trips, I just meet people and decide to keep hanging out with them by myself. Friends have warned me that I may get abducted with this kind of trusting mentality, and I understand their concern. But for me, that is so far out of my mindset. I just don’t think that way. And I’ve hung out with thousands of strangers at this point and it always turns out amazing! Thoughts manifest. Where is your focus?

I believe the best way to contribute to the world is to be my best self. So I shine as bright as I can and try to be the happiest me I can, and hope other people take a bit of my spark to light up their day.

As Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!” (Thanks, Mike)  ☺