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The reason I've dedicated a category of my blog to soccer, isn't entirely because I've dedicated the majority of my life to soccer. Its actually because I think I've discovered an awesome portal into a space that many talented athletes haven't tapped. I don't think young footballers really understand all the opportunity playing the game they love can actually provide.

Like thousands of other young girls in America, I played competitive soccer growing up. I went to a Division 1 university and had hopes of playing professionally. But when I graduated, I realized there weren't a lot of options to continue playing (or so I thought). I hung up my boots for two years before I finally took the opportunity to go play professional soccer in Division 1 Sweden. For the record, Division 1, is actually the third tier league in Sweden. There is Eliteetan and All Sveskan above it. At first, I felt ashamed telling people that I was playing at a lower level league. My ego was bruised. I felt my achievement wasn't worthy or impressive, but I set a goal to work hard and climb my way to the top level. I played six months in Sweden, six months in Finland, and six months in Israel, then went for half of a season back to Sweden. That's when the epiphany struck! I had spent 3 years of my life playing the sport that I love and traveling the world in my spare time. I was able to visit nearly every country in Europe during my off days, indulge in the cultures of the countries where I lived, and really “live the dream,” an expression athletes chase so often.

What I'm saying is I am a great soccer player, just like thousands of other college graduates who have played at big universities. I work really hard to be better every day, but I haven't been called up to play for the National team yet, like so many other players secretly working toward that same dream. What I want to shed light on is this; there is so much opportunity for us yet! In this part of the blog, I want to document my experience abroad as a professional athlete. I want to show you what is possible. You could be traveling the world, trying delicious food, seeing the monuments of ancient history, laughing with people from a different culture, drinking in the wonders of the world, and playing the sport that you love to fund it all. Let me show you what I did and what I will continue to do until my legs fall off.

Fun little combo I trained today. I like pattern drills to challenge my mind and keep my footwork sharp. #SoccerDrill #OffSeason

cant catch

They CAN'T STOP, what they CAN'T CATCH. ????????⚽ #TheBeautifulGame

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Your SOUL knows exactly which direction you are meant to go. TRUST your SOUL. #ListenToYourIntuition #Consciousness ✌️❤️????

six yard line

Blocking shots off the 6 yard line like... #Sliding #Sacrifice #NotThisTime #Sweden #AllSveskan #Djurgården #QualityOpponent