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Boom! So let's talk supplements. Whoa, such a scary word to me a few years ago. I always thought supplements were what body builders took to get big muscles. Turns out, supplements are just vitamins that help fill in the nutritional gaps that the food we eat can't provide. So multivitamins, fish oil capsules, and BCAA's are all in that category. Not that scary after all.

A few years ago, after I signed my first contract to play professional soccer in Sweden, a friend of mine talked to me about Advocare. I knew I needed to be in the best shape possible when I went overseas, which meant focusing on my diet. I signed up and did a 24 Day Challenge. Its a nutritional program for 24 days that teaches you the proper way to fuel your body daily with actual food from the grocery store, while supplementing that food with Advocare vitamins to help fill in the nutritional gaps. So while you're eating clean, your body will be full of energy because its getting all that it needs.

Over the course of the 24 days, I messed up a lot, but I learned from it every time. I followed a little booklet that told me when to eat, what to eat, and what supplements to take. After the Challenge was over, I felt amazing. Dropped weight, toned up, and most importantly had a whole new knowledge of food and how it effects fueling my body. Of course, a ton of people were asking what I did, so I became a distributor. I helped them get on the program and, by coaching them through their Challenges, learned even more about nutrition and the body. Joining Advocare was one of the most healthy decisions i've ever made. By sticking to the program for 3 years now, I've been able to shape my body through good food choices, help my friends and family get their own fitness in check, and earned thousands of dollars doing it. For anyone looking for supplemental income, I think Advocare is a great place to start. The community of people are great, always positive and focused on building character. The business might not be for everyone, but I believe the Advocare products are.

In this part of the blog, I will educate you on my Advocare regimens. What I love. What I use. Cool little recipes to make eating fun. Basically, I'll explain to you all things Advocare. Its certainly changed my life, and if you're interested in bettering your health, I believe it can help you too. The link to my site is on this page so you can browse the products, but if you choose to buy some, please give me a shout beforehand. I would like to talk with you and answer any questions you have so you get your best results!

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Not heading overseas without THE GOODS ever again!

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I want to LIGHT UP FINLAND when I go and be the BEST PLAYER in that Country!!

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Eat CLEAN. Train DIRTY. #24DayChallenge ???? #Day11???? #ProAthlete ⚽